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Décor Policy

Your use of WLD Services is conditioned upon your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms of service or policies. These Terms apply to all visitors, users, clients, customers and others who wish to use the Service. By using Winnet Luxury Decor, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you should not use WLD Services. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time.

Reservation of Services

To reserve Winnet Luxury Decor services, the service agreement contract must be signed by the client and deposit paid (including non-refundable service retainer) by all indicated due dates. The services cost will be the value shown on the invoice, and payment is due no later than one (1) day before the event date or taking possession of the rentals, whichever comes first.

Service Retainer

A $150 non-refundable service retainer is included in all payments made at the time of booking. The retainer obligates Winnet Luxury Decor to reserve your event date and time to prevent other potential clients from booking. The service retainer is applied to the final balance and not billed as an extra cost.


All deposits include a non-refundable service retainer. The Client must make a 50% deposit as indicated on the invoice by any stated due date to lock in the price and guarantee service availability.


As part of your order and at no additional charge, a total of 6 planning hours are provided. These hours include, but are not limited to, your initial consultation, research, written proposal, and revisions, and related research. Additional planning time will be charged at $50/hr. Activities included additional planning but are not limited to research, modifications to order, auxiliary meetings, conversations via email, phone, or other design or event planning methods. Site visits are $50/hour, including travel time. Winnet Luxury Decor reserves the right to waive any fee and add additional consultation time for larger events or deemed necessary by Winnet Luxury Decor.


An event is ONLY considered booked after payment (50% deposit or total amount) is made by the due date indicated on the service invoice. If the Client allows quotes/invoices to expire, it is understood that the event date and time will be made available to other clients, and any discount or special promotion applied will be removed and invalid.

Payments Accepted

Payments can be made online with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discoveror AmEx), or with a check for company accounts only). Payable to Winnet Luxury Decor.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Payments made with credit card includes a 3% non-refundable processing fee.

Decor Equipment

All re-usable equipment, including but not limited to frame, lighting, poles, fabric, etc., are the property of Winnet Luxury Decor and must remain onsite for pickup at a stated time and date. The Client is responsible for all losses due to theft, vandalism, misplacement, or damage. If our equipment is damaged, misplaced, or stolen, the Client agrees to be billed for the item's repair or replacement cost (s).

Payment Policy

All payments must be made according to the stated payment schedule. 50% of the invoice
total is required as a deposit. However, the full invoice payment can be made with the balance due at least two
(2) days before the event delivery/setup date. If the decor job is booked seven (7) business days in advance, the
total payment amount is due upon signing the service agreement. Failure to make payments by the due date or on time may result in any or all of the following:

Invalidation and removal of any applicable discounts, special promotions, complimentary services, etc.

Release of event delivery/setup date and time.

A $50 fee to reinstate the event date and time.

Termination of the contract.

Payments Accepted

Payments can be made online with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or AmEx) or by mail with a check (drawn on company account only). Please make checks payable to Winnet Luxury Décor.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

The Client maintains the right to cancel at any time before the delivery date; however, a cancellation fee will apply. Refunds will be calculated based on items purchased specifically for your event (including but not limited to custom accessories if applicable) as well as accumulated time invested in your event (including but limited to the site visit, etc.). Refunds must be requested in writing by mail or email ONLY and will be processed within 14 business days from the time of receipt of the request. Refunds total will be considered as follows:

The Service Retainer is non-refundable.

Payments made with credit card includes a 3% non-refundable processing fee.

Refunds requested more than three weeks to the event: total monies paid minus retainer.

Refunds requested less than three weeks to the event: a maximum of 50% of the total balance is refundable.

No refund will be made after delivery has been made or accepted.


Rules and regulations of all event sites are the responsibility of the Client. The Client shall provide a copy of all pertinent rules to us before securing our services.


Delivery/Setup/Pickup: Access to event location must be secured and confirmed by the Client to ensure timely setup. Winnet Luxury Decor cannot be held responsible for delays (or incomplete décor) if a reasonable amount of time is not allowed to complete delivery/setup services. Delivery to additional locations (i.e., hotel/home/church, etc.) not mentioned in the order will incur additional delivery and setup fees. In the event of setup or pickup delays caused by such parties as but not limited to the caterer, baker, venue, DJ, band, wedding

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